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Baby Mama Drama

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

On this Channel, we want to talk about the Baby Mama Drama that you daddies have to deal with! Are you experiencing Baby Mama Drama!?

Does your baby mama not want you a part of the baby life if she's not included?

I hear a lot of men say their baby mama is keeping their child away from them, bc he doesn't want her anymore! is this true guys!? Do the mama hold the baby over your head, thinking that will make you stay with her? I have so many questions!! Let's talk!

Are you dealing with a baby mama being jealous of your current relationship?

Please participate in the poll below:

Which applies to you?

  • A jealous Baby Mama

  • A baby mother who's willing to do what's best for the kid(s)

  • A baby mama who withholds your kid(s) due to a breakup

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